Welcome to Hans Scheffler's  homepage  / "scratch pad" - this needs much more work !!
Who is Hans ?

At work:  Electrical engineer by training, now working in information technology, employed by Stellenbosch University
At home:  Husband to Elsje, in Stellenbosch, South Africa
At play:  Mountaineer, mountain-biker, GPS enthusiast,
amateur mapper, sucker for gadgets...

Some day when I find myself wondering what to do next, I will create a propper home page here....

My GPS Maps

Mountaineering trips (maps & photos):
Hex River mountains  2005/03/19 - 21
Wemmershoek mountains  2009/08/08 - 10
Boosmansbos Wilderness  2009/08/22 - 23

Some favourite links:

Mountain Club of South Africa: http://mcsa.org.za
MCSA Stellenbosch section: http://ste.mcsa.org.za

All things GPS:  http://gpsinformation.net
Africa maps (Raster, vector, DEM, GPS etc): http://www.madmappers.com
GPS contour maps of Africa: http://www.madmappers.com/AfricaTopo/
Africa GPS maps: http://www.tracks4africa.com

All about scanning and digital images: http://www.scantips.com